The concept of CRS

CRS is an abbreviation given to the term ‘Corporate Social Respinsibility’. This means that more and more enterprises are trying to negotiate in a sustainable way. Also within Directo Spain we pay attention to the social importance of the people and the ecological importance of the environment.

Our contribution

People and the environment; their well-being, protection and improvement are incorporated into our vision. The people and the environment; their well-being, protection and improvement are included in our vision while managing a project. We are committed to it and involve you in these inspiring CRS activities.

Together with you and our loyal suppliers specialized in the organization of CSR activities, we find the way to unite small efforts to achieve great results, based on a responsible attitude towards your event. These efforts are partnerships for sustainability, for continuous improvement of the environment regarding nature, its inhabitants and animals.

Our ideal vision and enthusiasm push us to achieve this goal:

  • Corporate Programs: reforestation (in and outdoor), equipping children’s homes, reforming spaces that need solidarity contributions, partnerships with NGOs). In this way, we increase the value of your events and involve you in this beautiful challenge.
  • Nature Program: actions that we carry out directly and in which we are an active part of the change (reforestations, cleanings of streams, informing and raising the value of the natural environment, protection of the areas and locations where our activities take place). 
In brief: Commitment to CRS is a strategy that generates profit for us as a company, for the society in which we live and for the environment around us. It delivers a positive impact on existing relationships with suppliers, local residents, clients, consumers but also ensures that new sustainable relationships are created.  As an organisation, we are open to innovation and stimulate new developments in this industry.